Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 21 || Visiting Santa...

My older sister, her partner and I all took my little nephews to Lacock which is near where we live to see Santa. This was something I have really been looking forward to going ever since they were born because when they're babies they can't really appreciate it can they? Jaydon it over 4 now and Spencer still doesn't quite get it as he's only turns 2 on the 31st but it was still cute and we all got a kick out of it. Santa is literally the only thing that will make Jaydon behave if he's in one of "those" moods he was so excited for it though bless his little heart. Where we went they had this little village of working elves all the way up to his grotto which was cute and then they let a bunch of people in at a time and the parents and kids all sit on cushions surrounding Santa and he read them a story and talked to them and asked them questions it was really cute and much better than the just go in and sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want. Also Jaydon had been saying the whole way there "But I've already told Santa what I want." 

I personally think they had a really convincing Santa, Jaydon was happy to have a picture but Spencer wasn't having any of it lol. We then go to go into their "Warehouse" where the boys got to choose a toy each and got given a little Christmas tree. We then got to see real life donkeys and reindeers. There were also goats but they didn't want to come out and play. Overall I think they did such a good job and I'm sure we will be going back there next year. 

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogmas Day 20 || Blogmas apologies and on tv...

Hello my Lovelies.

This is going to be a "I am SO, SO sorry for the serious lack of Blogmas posts" kind of post. Ever since my Birthday I have been very ill. The only reason there was a Blogmas Day 18 was because that was pre written earlier in December. It hasn't been my normal type of ill, I very unluckily got a chest infection and a virus at the exact same time, because my body just loves me that much. Honestly it has knocked me for six and I think I have gotten rid of my Virus now after spending several days in bed with a fan blasting at my face because I was so hot. Luckily my temperature didn't hit the 40's but it was still horridly uncomfortable in the 39 range. I now just have to contend with my Chest infection which is something I can deal withI just wish I wasn't coughing so much.

I meant to start up my Blogmas posts again tonight after I had made up my meds but silly me I must have done something that gave me a rush of my medication because I felt like crap; heavy limbs, feeling sick, massive sudden headache and just very tired. So I ended up sleeping until I woke up about 30 minutes ago.

I'm not sure how well I am going to be able to do the rest of my Blogmas posts as they were going to be posts I was going to do but I haven't been able to leave my house for several days so it's a maybe at this point but I'm proud that I got a lot of the way through Blogmas I just wish I hadn't have gotten ill.

On the 15th which was incidentally only hours before I started feeling terrible I did an interview with Channel 5 News for the NHSBT's Christmas campaign this year I'm really pleased with how it came out so I thought I would put it on here for you guys to see if you wanted to. As always it will also be in my "Features" page too.

Thank-you guys for all the love as as always Merry Christmas

Thursday, 18 December 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 18 || Hot Chocolate goodness...

Blogmas Day 18 is going to be all about my go to beverage at Christmas time, Hot Chocolate. Now normally I just stick to a standard packet Options Hot Chocolate, this year I decided to make it from scratch. I went searching Pinterest for some inspiration and kept coming across these "Crock Pot Hot Chocolates" in the UK that is known as a slow cooker. I thought I would give it a go as we have a slow cooker that we hardly ever use and it seemed easy enough So I made a few changes to my particular taste but thought I would share with you how I made mine.

Cup and 1/2 Cocoa Powder
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk 
7 and 1/2 Cups of full fat milk 
1/2 cup of Nutella
1 table spoon of vanilla
1/2 Cup of Nutella
Whip Cream

Step One
Add the sweetened condensed milk, full fat milk and vanilla into the crock pot. Give it a little whisk to make sure it's combined. 

Step Two
Add the Cocoa powder to the mixture. I would probably advise sifting it into the mixture or it takes much longer to whisk out any lumps. Also add the Nutella at this point too.

Step Three
Whisk until smooth and you can see no lumps. 

Step Four
Turn the "Crock Pot," or as I call it slow cooker on high for 2 hours and stir intermittently throughout the 2 hours. Or you could turn it on low for 4 hours which ever you prefer. 

Step Five
When it's steaming hot put into your favourite mug, or in my case the one that looked the best ;-) and decorate to taste; whip cream, marshmallows, dusted cocoa powder if you like whatever you want. 


I personally think this Hot Chocolate tastes amazing, it literally tastes like liquid brownies and when is that ever a bad thing?

My Mum tells me that she thinks it would taste even better with Brandy in, I don't know whether that is true or would be the case as I don't know what Brandy tastes like as I don't have booze but I will take her word for it. It sounds like it would be a good idea though especially as it's Christmas and everyone deserves a treat. Also my mum actually likes this Hot Chocolate and she never really likes hot chocolate, she is more of a Horlick's kind of a gal. So High praise indeed.

If you are on a diet this is not something I would recommend. You could make it less fattening by adding water/skimmed milk/semi-skimmed milk instead of full fat milk. You could add different Chocolate alternatives it is literally a recipe you can make your own and to your taste. I just happen to love the liquid brownie taste :-D 

If you like Hot Chocolate you will love this! I will certainly be making it again on Christmas eve for me and my family. I'm sure my mum will be adding the brandy that time :-)

As always, thank-you for reading guys and Merry Christmas